Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Well election night has come and gone. We were done at about 10:30, would have been done by 9:30 if not for some human errors in the process (some folks did not bring in all the stuff they needed to bring in). All in all things went fairly well.

As always it was fun, at least for OneMan

The partial city results (not including DuPage) can be found here.

Sorry Bridget I had to stay until the last vote is counted so I couldn't get to O'Malleys any sooner than I did.

As for the Ward 3 results all I have to say is cool! It wasn't even close, I am looking forward to the Beacons take on it in the next couple of days.

Off to Springfield tomorrow with OneDaughter. I will try and blog when I get back.


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Bridget said...

I heard you were there! I'm disappointed that I didn't get to meet you. Or maybe I did and I was celebrating a little too much by that time.