Sunday, April 01, 2007

Well it's April 1st when it's time to get a new fishing license in Illinois and some other states as well.

So OneMan goes on-line to do it and when he selects resident fishing license he tries to move on and first gets this

After enjoying the feel of a one of those sites that makes an attempt to change your home page he clicks Cancel, because he doesn't really want to make a donation and then gets this...

After again enjoying the feel of a website that wants to change my home page, and wondering what % of people who buy Illinois Resident fishing licenses really want or need a Lake Michigan Salmon stamp ($6.50), He also starts to get a little annoyed. He just wants to get his fishing license and get on with it, not be subject to up selling. What's next a check to make sure I don't want a Fur Bearing Animal Breeder license as well? ($25.50) Finally, after being asked a survey question about if he tends to fish more in private ponds or non-private ponds he was able to check out after paying a convenience fee.
If you ask me between the upselling and the OK, Cancel thing (neither of which was there last year) OneMan was underwhelmed by the process. If this is what all e-government is going to be come (up selling), count me out.

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