Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Why I think HB 1100 is a good idea and why. I guess that makes me a bad Republican

A) These folks are going to drive anyway, it makes sense for the state to know who they are and where they live. (Yes, I know they are in the country illegally and we are going to be 'rewarding' that)

B) I suspect, but can't prove that someone with a drivers license and/or certificate is less likely to run in an accident if they are involved or if they are just at witness.

C) It will make life a bit easier for the police if someone has some form of identification provided by a government entity in the US.

D) More folks will end up having insurance, likely resulting in me paying less for uninsured motorist coverage.

E) If you ever need to find someone who is in the country illegally you might have a better chance if you have something with their picture, name and address on file.

As for 'rewarding' argument, come on. There are all sorts of things we let immigrants do and/or do for them without checking status. I don't see how making sure they are competent to drive shouldn't be one of those things were status does not matter.



So-Called Austin Mayor said...

You may be a bad Republican -- thinking too hard will do that -- but you're a good citizen.

You have the quality common to all respectable Republicans, i.e. rather than repeat the GOP talking points, you come to your opinions by applying your own values and observations to the facts and circumstances.

And that sometimes puts you on the "wrong" side of issues, but it engenders respect from reasonable people of all political stripes.


Bridget said...

I'm with my buddy SCAM. I think you're a common sense Republican, Henry.