Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Beacon also had an editorial yesterday about the feud about downtown development. I have to admit they made some good points but I have to take execption to this one

In the middle of it all is Alderman Rick Lawrence, a Vantreese advocate and frequent critic of the mayor on many issues. The 4th Ward alderman, who represents the area that includes Vantreese's projects, would best serve this city by trying to play peacemaker instead of fanning the flames.

It seems that over time the Beacon isn't comfortable with anyone in city government who challenges the Mayor. For example when they endorsed Alderman Kifowit for re-election they kind of suggested she tone it down a bit. Implying (at least in my mind) that she was sometimes too harsh of a critic of the mayor.

You know alderman who raise their voice are to be commended not condemned would it be a good idea if all of the alderman were like that, no. But we need alderman who are willing to do that. Alderman who are willing to ask tough questions. Part of what make democracy work is when people don't get along.

What finally got this into the Beacon, Alderman Lawrence most likely.

I can sometimes be a bit of a Pollyanna when it comes to local government but I really think both Mayor Weisner and Alderman Lawrence are not motivated by personal gain and have the best interests in the city in mind. They may differ on the how and that is good. Too much buddy-buddy and peacemaking isn't good for the city.


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