Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Beacon a couple of days ago had a story about the second Vantreese project and the various reasons why he has decided to pull out.

I guess the question that comes to mind with all of this is, do we really have so much development in Aurora in general and downtown specifically that in some ways the city shouldn't be bending over backwards to help these guys? I am not saying giving away the farm with subsidies and stuff but working with them in any reasonable way possible to help them move their projects forward.

I am not saying we need to get weak in the knees every time someone wants to do something downtown but at least meet the folks more than half way.

But Mayor Tom Weisner said the rules will be bent only so far.

"Vantreese has told me that he won't work with David Dorgan (the city's consultant for downtown redevelopment), he won't work with Sherman Jenkins (the AEDC director). We're not going to make constant exceptions," Weisner said.

Mr Mayor have you seen downtown? Heck at this point I would suggest that if someone who has already made the kind of investment that Vantreese has made with the current condo project and was looking to make comes to the city and says 'I want you to dress like a clown today', your first question should be 'Like Bozo or Krusty?'

Seriously we need to get over ourselves a bit and get it done.


For a bit of a different perspective on the whole thing go here.

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