Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Finally while I am on a Beacon thing tonight I wanted to summarize the last few days of Openline for you

Today -- Beating on the East Aurora School referendum again
Yesterday -- A creative way of working illegal immigrants into a item on a smoking ban.
Monday -- Beating on the East Aurora School referndum

There was this one I have to reproduce because it brings together both the East Aurora Referendum and illegal immigration. Sort of my Caine-Hackman theory

The recent second failure to raise property taxes this year for Aurora's East Side residents points up the fact that lifetime residents cannot and should not be expected to foot the bill for public school overcrowding. The burden should fall on the government of this nation for its decades of failure to stem the tide of people freely walking in through America's open back door.

Umm where do I even start with this.... I had something but removed it since I figured it was useless to argue logic like this..


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