Thursday, May 24, 2007

First a nod to the folks at Illinois Reason, yes that's right Illinois Reason. and this coming from the #17 most influential political blog in the state btw. Why because they save me from the need I sometimes feel to respond to stuff on IllinoisReview.

Secondly, I got a letter via snail-mail about a property deal involving Kane County. More than anything else I was kind of curious why I got it, because I am a Republican with an address listed on the county GOP website? Due to the blog?

Thirdly, I am starting to think I should start a new blog, sort of an IllinoisReview type thing that is more focused on fiscal issues and less on social issues.

Finally, I think a candidate from west of Rt 47 in the 14th congressional district (perhaps DeKalb) might have a bit of advantage.

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Rob said...

Feel free to post away about the silliness that is Illinois Review... Even if it seems like it, I can't possibly post about all their jokes (or should I say "posts").

Sure, every now and then I agree with something posted to Ill. Review. Their clock is correct occasionally. But unfortunately there are those 1438 other minutes in the day when their clock is just so bizarrely off-the-mark.

(Maybe this post'll bump you up a notch on the BNN ranks. My guess is Illinois Reason will drop a bit next week. I've been busy at the office and have been getting ready for Memorial Day events this week. Best to you.)