Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It has been entertaining to read the responses to my post about Linda Chapa-LaVia over at Illinoize.

Where do I start.

Her not running if Hastert decides to run again is smart, not dumb, not cowardly, smart.

First, Republican Support.
Why, because Linda is surprising popular among Republicans in parts of the 14th, Republicans that would actively campaign for Hastert for re-election because of who he is and what he has done.

On the other hand if Hastert does not run for re-election. The Republican primary is likely a brutal affair that ends up going negative with some Republicans ending up seriously pissed off. Odds are these pissed off Republicans are going to sit on their hands at best and work against the nominee at worst.

Secondly, the Money.
Hastert has a huge warchest that will remain untouched during the primary if he runs again. This greatly increases her early fundraising needs since he will be able to campaign against her sooner.

A bunch of Republicans including a guy self funding would give her breathing room on fundraising.

Third. She is the Democrats best hope....

Seriously, John Laesch?

Yeah, that's the answer. Nor is the answer some attorney who hasn't run for anything in his life. Sorry don't get me wrong as a Republican I would love for the democrats to run someone like that because they would be easy pickings for any of our guys. Mr. Stein has only lived in the district for a couple of years, so he has no real base locally.

The 14th is basically a conservative area you need a moderate Democrat to have a chance. Global warming isn't the big issue in the 14th and not the issue to build a campaign around for this neck of the woods.

Also she is very good at making that personal connection. You talk to her for a couple of minutes and you feel a bit of a bond, love or hate Sen. Lauzen he is able to do the same thing. I don't know the other dems but I doubt they have that skill in the same way she does.


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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Lin da is a good person, a good candidate and I like her very much.

On the other hand - (I know I'm going to catch flak) I like Joe Serra. Like Linda, the Republicans like him because he's a Fiscal Conservative and a Moderate Liberal. Joe Serra ran for State Representative against Pat Lindner in the 50th. Joe had no hopes of winning the election and he knew it. I really do like Linda and I really Like Joe. At this point in the game, I'm divided between the two. I can say I really don't like Laesch - he's untrustworthy.

Good luck to both Joe and Linda!!