Tuesday, May 29, 2007

OneMan looks at the gaming bill

Page 30

1 (230 ILCS 5/3.24 new)2 Sec. 3.24. Electronic poker. "Electronic poker" means 3 poker by use of electronic aids, including via the Internet or 4 by other electronic means. "Electronic poker" does not include 5 slot machines.

Will someone explain to me how this would be allowed under federal law? If the feds can regulate interstate and extrastate gaming how can Illinois do this unless it is limited to state residents?

Page 142

Here is where the mimimum bids are defined, I guess my question is. If I am investing $800,000,000 in a license and at least 20 to 100 million in site costs (land, boat, etc) what protection do I have if the state decides to stop letting me operate? Seems to me it would be a bit risky.

However as 142 points out, you can include any amount that you give back to the minority and female owners of the 'dormant' license.

Will someone explain to me how in the world you can only pay back some folks and not run into problems with equal protection and bankrupcy law? All this will accomplish is tying people up in court for a long time in my opinion.

Page 155

h) On and after the effective date of this amendatory Act 8 of the 95th General Assembly, at least 30% of all slot machines 9 and video games of chance purchased by an owners licensee shall 10 be purchased from manufacturers whose manufacturing facilities 11 are located in Illinois. The Board shall review the 12 availability of such slot machines and video games of chance 13 and shall have the discretion to raise or lower the minimum 14 percentage of those slot machines and video games of chance 15 that must be purchased from suppliers whose manufacturing 16 facilities are located in Illinois by rule as it sees fit.

So this will be nice for WMS , but why only for machines, why not for other things a casino needs as well?

Page 177

shall be paid 14 from the State Gaming Fund to Chicago State University.

How about NIU?


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