Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rich had a post about the Dolton Casino....

OneMan grew up in Dolton, from birth to my 18th birthday the area that would most likely get a casino was about 2 miles from my house.

However there is a real problem, first 142nd street (the most likely access route from the Bishop Ford) is not a full interchange. So getting to 142nd from the south is a bit of a challenge.

Secondly, there is a 4 track railroad line between 142nd and the river, this track has a lot or rail traffic (there are two rail yards at least partially in town). So at the best, it is going to get in the way of road traffic or will require a bridge over it.

If you look at this map you can get an idea of what is area near the river in Dolton looks like, I am fairly sure that the space to the west of the marina is at least in part a landfill, I am not 100% sure about that but I seem to recall that.

So you have a railroad to deal with as well as some other serious infrastructure stuff to get any site in Dolton to be easy to access.

Also it's a river used for shipping so unless you buy the marina you will likely have to build your own since I dobut you could put a boat in the river and leave enough space for barge traffic.


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