Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Showing Brokeback Mountain to 12 year olds. Dumb
Filing a 500K lawsuit over the emotional trama. Dumb
Using it as some sort of example of a gay rights trojan horse. Dumb

Illustrating to the gang at Illinois Reason that not all conservatives feel the same way about this (I know they know that).

Sometimes a nitwit sub is just that, a nitwit sub.


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Rob said...

Whaddaya mean not all conservatives are exactly the same? ;) (There goes that whole Borg Collective theory. ...that'd be a joke there for all the out-of-contexters in the audience.)

What we need is for reasonable conservatives to begin standing up to the extremists who promote such "dumb" lawsuits in the first place.

I agree showing the movie (even if edited) to 12 year olds was "dumb".

But suing over it is "more dumb".

And, having Petey and Johnny Ruskin jumping for joy over that frivolous lawsuit?