Monday, May 07, 2007

Yet again, some more in the series why apparently I am a bad Republican.

First from the Daily Clips Summary on Illinois Review.
Aurora to unfurl law to ban motorists' flag-waving - James Kimberly, Sara Olkon, and Rhianna Wisniewski. Follow the link to get some commentary from Illinois Review.

Suffice to say I can really care less if someone wants to fly a flag from a different country during a parade. I have been to Columbus Day Parades, Von Steuben day parades and St. Patrick's Day parades in the city of Chicago. Guess what, they all have had large numbers of foreign flags flying. No one seems to gripe about those.

As a resident of Aurora, I would rather the city focus their resources on people shooting each other.

Next also from Illinois Reivew and Fran Eaton about Library net filtering software.

You know I have to admit usually Fran makes a good point, I may not always agree with it but I can see the logic in it. The parent in me desperately wants to agree with her on this one. However you have library boards for a reason and this is the reason, we don't need the state telling them what they have to do. Also to be frank I think filters give a false sense of security. Does OneMan have a filter on OneDaughter's computer, yes. Is it perfect, no.

Also if we ever had the net go down at home and Mrs. OneMan needed to look something up about ED as it relates to diabetes (a real side effect, so manage your diabetes if you want to have working gear) I would like to think that she would be able to do so without net nanny freaking out.

I remember years ago (has to be about 13 or 14 years ago now, I lived in Naperville at the time) there was an issue in Naperville about the fact the public library had Playboy. It was behind the desk, you had to ask for it.

There was a library board meeting on the subject. I attended the meeting and spoke to the point that the library board shouldn't be deciding if individual materials belonged in the library or not that they should trust their staff to make these decisions. Also a soft standard could lead in time to all sorts of items being removed.

The open forum lasted long into the night with a host of folks speaking including Rob Sherman. When it came down to a vote the board decided not to remove the materials.

It was an interesting night, one other thing stands out in my mind. The real estate agent who argued that playboy in the library would lead to lower property values.

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