Friday, June 29, 2007

Bridget asks a couple of questions about my post about Obama Camp
Well, sure, I think they would let you go. However, don't you think it would be rather disingenuous of you to do so? Obama's campaign is using their resources and people to train their activists who probably expect to be amongst like-minded friends. I don't think it would be a very nice thing to do.

Yeah I would totally agree with you on that it wouldn't be a nice thing and disingenuous to do under the context of acting like an Obama supporter.

However I have to admit I still think it would be an interesting learning opportunity to go.


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So-Called Austin Mayor said...


It might be dishonest for you to attend Camp Obama, but I'll bet the folks behind Operation: Turn DuPage Blue would welcome your attendance at Camp Wellstone at the College of DuPage.


1. As DuPage residents, they know how to be civil to misguided Republicans, i.e. One Man.

2. Camp Wellstone could provide a Road to Damascus moment for a centrist Republican, i.e. One Man.

3. Unlike Camp Obama, you will feel no compulsion to support Sen. Paul Wellstone's candidacy since he was assassinated -- ahem -- since he tragically passed away in a mysterious plane crash on the eve of his re-election.

4. We progressives don't need to worry about Republicans learning our electoral dirty tricks -- Alas, we don't have any!

Instead, Camp Wellstone is about working the issues and working the ground and letting citizens know that there is a candidate who will represent their interests in office.

You don't need to "cage" voters when they agree with you on the issues.

5. The more the merrier.

One of Us!
One of Us!
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