Monday, June 25, 2007

From Openline in Today's Beacon News...
I feel very, very sorry for the young man who passed away waiting for a lung transplant ("Lifelong illness claims Aurora teen," News, June 20). But why are we bringing citizens from other countries here and putting them at the top of the transplant list when we've got citizens of this country waiting, who are going to die without a transplant? I'm speaking about my own family waiting for a transplant, and they say it's going to be years. Well, is the person going to live those years? Probably not. And yet we will put a person from another country, not a citizen, on top of our transplant list. I don't know where our priorities are in this country.

Wow, I don't even know where to start with this one.
Yet again, we have someone calling into openline who finds a way to take something sad or bad and tie it to non citizens in the United States. Because we all know that these people come here to take our jobs and take our available organs, that when it comes to transplants no consideration is given to any other factor like health or blood type it's just non-citizens to the front of the transplant line.

If this is how America feels, I think any hope of any change in immigration law in this country is doomed.


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Bridget said...

Henry, you're pretty awesome, you know it? I wish more Republicans had as much common sense as you do.