Saturday, June 09, 2007

Great Moments in Legislating...

Eric Krol has a piece about the new dem senators who voted in favor of gambling expansion. One of those who voted in favor of it was OneMan's own state senator, Linda Holmes.

When asked to explain her vote here is what she said (via Krol)

In and around Sen. Holmes’ district lie riverboats in Aurora and Joliet. All would see fewer customers if the plan she voted for became law. Still, Holmes told me it wasn’t a tough vote to take because Penn National, the owner of those riverboats, told her it was OK to vote “yes.” Jones “absolutely” didn’t pressure her, but she also didn’t ask Jones for any projects in return for her support on something Jones coveted. “As a new legislator, it’s hard to know what we’re supposed to do,” she told me.

Yes, you read that right

'It wasn't a tough vote because Penn National, the owner of those riverboats told her it was OK to vote "yes"'

Senator, the last time I checked you are not the state senator who represents Penn National you represent Aurora and a host of other communities.
Gambling expansion in the form Sen. Jones put forth will most certainly have a negative economic impact on the communities you represent. Did you see how the city of Aurora felt about this, Kane and Will Counties or did you just check with the local casino owner?

On the other hand, thank for the quote. It's going to look great on a mailer someday, perhaps even a TV ad.

Linda Chapa-LaVia (who is also a democrat) in the past has seemed to realize that when it comes to gaming she represents more than just the local casino owner.

Then there was this little line.
“As a new legislator, it’s hard to know what we’re supposed to do,” she told me.

You know Linda, I have a suggestion next time you don't know what you are supposed to do perhaps you should call Chris Lauzen, heck call Linda Chapa-LaVia.

Also thanks for that line as well, that will also work well in the future.

(Also local media, there might be a story here, how she was quoted as saying 'it was ok with Penn National and how much she took from them in the last election as well as how much the Senate dem fund took from Penn National and then gave her)


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Bridget said...

I have to agree with you, H.

What the HELL was she thinking???

I'm convinced that she's out in '08 if you guys run someone halfway decent against her.