Saturday, June 02, 2007

Some great local insight in the Beacon News' Open Line Column
The Japanese 500 I'm calling in regard to the Indianapolis 500. I call it the Japanese 500. There weren't any other cars in the race but Hondas. The Hondas have moved into our country and taken over all of our industries, practically.

What, taken over all of our industries?

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh. Callers are asking him to demand the president, George W. Bush, end this terrible action on the immigration and the war. He refuses to do so. Dennis Hastert hasn't decided whether he's going to run for re-election. Denny Hastert, John Laesch should have won. Next time around you ain't about to win again. We're all going to work against you because you let this happen.

Let what happen? You know he isn't speaker anymore.

There have been a ton of great ones in the last couple of weeks. But I want to remain on the side of fair use. Suffice to say that immigration is still driving these folks up a wall.


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