Sunday, July 29, 2007

There has been some local media coverage on the new clinic coming to Aurora. Not too far away from OneMan central, but far enough it will not have an impact on me. Besides the fact I will likely not be going to Dominics on New York for a while to say the least.


To be frank I don't know if I want to deal with the protesters. I know I will not be going over there with the kids (don't want to have to have that converstion with them)....

I live near some land that is zoned medical office and am glad it didn't go on that property.

If I were a donor to planned parenthood (I am not), I guess my question would be if it was a good use of money to put the clinic on a fairly valuable piece of DuPage county land. When you could have put it some other places in Aurora for what I suspect was a lower land acquisition cost. Also you would not have ended up across the street from an apartment complex and less than 100 yards away from town homes.

Yes I understand it's legal and that is a discussion for another day and for other blogs that deal with that sort of thing. My question is more about why there?

You could have built someplace else in Aurora with lower land costs and less residential to tick off. It would be different if the site was really close to the mall or really close to the Metra station, you could make a case for extra land costs for either of those. The site they picked really isn't within walking distance of either of those two locations.

I guess it is safe to say it is going to be interesting.


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