Wednesday, August 08, 2007

As loyal readers of the blog will recall a while back (about 15 months ago) I blogged about the demise of the Hi-Lite 30 drive in in Aurora. The proposed land deal, the compromise and then the final offer.

Well it has taken another stranger step. The school district turned down the land donation, with a estimated value by their own independent appraisal (glad they did that this time) of $1.15 instead opting for an estimated $240,000 standard payment.

Those who voted against it said they wanted more time and did not think they were 'rejecting' the plan. So Bigelow said he would consider making the same offer again.

This post on the Beacon Blog provides some detail on how the land deal has changed over time as well as the latest developments.

You know I can't really at this point fault Bigelow for any of this at this point.

In fact he seems to be the only rational party in this whole thing.

The city announces deal X which becomes deal Y (which involved less land) and then the school district decides to go with deal Z (which seems to have a much lower value than X or Y). What business wouldn't take advantage of that opportunity.

However the East Aurora school board continues to look like the gang that can't shoot straight.


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