Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Beacon has an interesting twist in the clinic issue

Did Planned Parenthood need to apply for a special-use permit before starting up its new clinic?
That's what one attorney is asking the city. On Tuesday, Aurora-based lawyer Vincent Tessitore, an anti-abortion activist, approached the city with his discovery -- a section of the Aurora zoning code that seems to mandate a special-use permit for health facilities operated by not-for-profit entities.

The gang at the Openline blog are report that PP is saying that they discussed the special use permit with the city.

So here is today's question is PP right because of the nature of the zoning did they not need a special use permit? If the city was wrong and it turns out they do need the special use permit can that be enforced now? Did PP get the no special use permit thing in writing? Could PP get around all of this by creating a for profit LLC to operate the clinic?

Long after being ground zero there are some real development management questions that are going to need to be answered.


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