Monday, September 03, 2007

Does gmail allow a . in a name?  I am getting e-mails now from the New Zeland Borders because someone registered on their site with a variation of my gmail account with a . in the middle of my name....

Just curious.



So-Called Austin Mayor said...


Both "austin.mayor" and "austinmayor" go to my mailbox, even though I only registered "austin.mayor".

In fact, I tried to register "austinmayor" on the same day that I registered "austin.mayor" but GMail said it was already registered, i.e. to me with "austin.mayor" @gmail,etc.

So I don't know whats happening with your account.

But don't we have some internet friends who are now part of the Google machine?


Steve said...

Gmail ignores dots in user names. We had the same question early on and suspected they were ignored. Then we stumbled across verification at Gmail Help (see, e.g.).

I'm sure there's a more creative and amusing answer forthcoming from our left coast friend, but that's the one I've got for you.