Monday, September 24, 2007

If I was able to speak to the Aurora City Council tomorrow night.

(Corrected version I drove by the clinic site and I am now not sure a fence exists on the south boundery, however there does appear to be a change in elevation between the clinic and the residential area to the south)

Mr Mayor, Alderman
By now you have heard from a host of people who have expressed their feeling about the morality of the services provided by planned parenthood. I am confident you have heard enough on that subject to last you the rest of your lives.

I want to discus a different issue, one that may not be more important but one that falls squarely within your role as a city counsel.

The Safety of residents.

As you are well aware the southern property line of the facility is a residential neighborhood. Across the street from the rear of the facility is apartments with sliding glass patio doors, to the direct north a parking lot for Blockbuster and to the west a strip mall.

As Planned parenthood as pointed out by both the physical design of their facility as well as with a newspaper ads in the Beacon News on September 10th they have been a target of violence in the past. There have been over 1,700 attacks against clinics in the years 1977-1994. These acts of violence have included gunfire. Yet it appears that Planned Parenthood has not taken this into consideration in the design of their facility.

They have designed the facility to protect the facility, an understandable action. The facility is protected against gunfire and other risks. However the homes around the facility have no protection from an these risks besides some thin parkway trees to the east and some thin trees and a mild change in electvation. Even a wooden fence is not really an effective form of protection against gun fire. It is also not an effective protection against arson or explosives.

If someone were to try and bomb the facility on it's east side there could be significant damage to the residential area across the street.

The city has a duty and obligation to ensure to the best of it's legal ability that development does not infringe on the rights or safety of others.

For whatever reason, due to Planned Parenthood not being forthcoming or due to someone at the city seeing the plans and not going wait a second, we have a commercial facility next to retail and residential that may pose a safety risk to those others within the city.

Until the city can determine how this happened, due to actions on the part of the city and/or planned parenthood as well as what steps can be taken to reasonably mitigate the risk to the surrounding area the clinic should not be allowed to open.

Regardless of how this turns out, the city needs to take active steps to ensure that development that requires this level of security is not placed next to residential and retail without the appropriate level of scrutiny and review.

I doubt anyone will say this, I suspect they will scream at each other about abortion.


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Openline said...

OneMan, we understand someone did say something to that effect and you've some important points about how things need to be sorted out as to how the city will manage these issues in the future related to development.

It's exposed some problems that require serious review.