Monday, September 17, 2007

Over at Illinois Reason they had some stuff about John Noverini leaving the Republican party and running for judge as a democrat. One of the things they looked at was the response at the Illinois Review.

Well he has a website for his judge run. John, if you are trying to show your democratic props, a picture that includes several other Republicans and Obama isn't really the way to do it. Also the idea that you can endorse him via a web-form is interesting. I wonder how many times Mickey Mouse has done so?

At Illinois Reason they focused on his statements in the Herald, I think the Courier and Beacon got a little bit of a different take on the situation.

"It's not the party, it's the leadership," Noverini said in a telephone interview Thursday. "The leadership has led us to defeat in every statewide office. I want to continue in public service. I don't see how that's possible as a Republican."

So the way I read it. 'If I want to get elected I need to run as a Democrat'. Heck of a way to decide what party agrees with you. Also the leadership of the Democratic party in Illinois is obviously on the right track (just look at what is going on down in Springfield).


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