Friday, September 07, 2007

The political blogging lesson from Kyla Ebbert, the woman who was on the Today show today talking about how Southwest gave her a hard time about what she was wearing (she wore it on the Today show and showed a bit much).

Rather quickly on Fark they found her MySpace page and were able to capture some photos off of of it before she made the MySpace site private. Suffice to say the pictures were awkward.

Political blogging lessons learned.

-- If there is anything about you in then Internet age, the crowd will find it about you rather quickly if they try. So much like a Senator in a men's room, you might hide it but it will be found.

-- If you are going to go 'public' make sure you know what is going to come out (and make your MySpace page private if you have any pictures on it that you wouldn't want your mom to see).

-- The efficiency of the crowd finding stuff in mind blowing.


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Don said...

Kudos to Southwest! They did the right thing. I wish more businesses would enforce minimal dress standards. I don't need to become gynecologically familiar with passengers as I walk down an aisle.

The only legit complaint is that SW probably doesn't consistently enforce the standard. But, the solution to that isn't cutting her slack (or paying her off), it's actually taking steps to advertise and enforce the standard.

She blew it when she went on national TV with mommy and lawyer, all prepped and practiced and STILL couldn't keep from showing all of America her panties. Bimbo 0 SW +1.