Monday, November 12, 2007

From CNN

The man who has created several presidents for the hit TV show "24″ says it's "nuts" to think of New York Sen. Hillary Clinton being the next real president.

This from Peggy Noonan in the WSJ at the end of a story that basically says Hillary couldn't carry Maggie Thatchers purse...

I wonder if Sen. Obama, as he makes his climb, understands the kind of quiet cheering he is beginning to garner from some Republicans, and from those not affiliated with either party. They see him as a Democrat who could cure the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton sickness.
I call it that because it seems to me now less like a dynastic tug of war than a symptom of deterioration, a lazy, unserious and faintly corrupt turn to be taken by the oldest and greatest democracy in the history of man. And I say sickness because on some level I think it is driven by a delusion: "We will be safe with these ruling families, whom we know so well." But we won't. They have no special magic. Dynasticism brings with it a sense of deterioration. It is dispiriting.

Go read the whole thing, well worth it. I am kind of surprised that it didn't get more blog play but then again...

Also I have to say Obama's use of either Ray Clay or the Ray Clay soundalike was entertaining.

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