Monday, January 14, 2008

The Beacon shares some insightful journalism...

Instead, the journalists in the crowded room smacked our collective lips and wondered who would most likely land in the water first if Hulk Hogan stuck them on an American Gladiator balance beam and told 'em to go at it. (Oberweis has more bulk, but remember, former U.S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald referred to Lauzen as a "Man of Steel.")

Wow Denise, you can read the minds of journalists? Quick tell me what Andre wants for lunch....


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Openline said...

Given the fishwrap's extreme jealousy, childish rants, hypocritical behavior (we noticed all their anonymous stories lately), it's somewhat ironic for them to judge anyone else.

Unlike the fishwrap, we respect all the candidates in this race on both sides for being part of the process (and dealing with so-called journalists).

By the way, we know what Andre usually has for lunch. Remember, he's a self-proclaimed zombie, so he prefers brains.