Thursday, January 10, 2008

Well I was at the League of Women Voters forum on Tuesday for the 14th, becasue of my role with one of the Republicans running I am going to share some thoughts on the Democrats....

Jotham Stein:

If he mentioned his web site or how he is a compromiser and a negotiatior one more time during the entire thing I think I was going to lose my mind. Also the gripes about how much others have spent on the race sound a bit like just complaining.

He also suggested people search on his name in YouTube wouldn't it be funny if the other campaigns put stuff up about him with those keywords and/or used it to show their guys plans...

John L:
Have to admit, having seen some of the videos on YouTube I was kind of surprised by him. He came across better than I expected and had a decent amount of supporters in the crowd.

Bill Foster:
Not bad, he seems a bit tense, you can tell he wasn't really a salesman in a previous life.



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