Monday, February 25, 2008

I have basically kept my mouth shut on the blog about the congressional race in the 14th for a host of reasons, I didn't want my comments to be considered as coming from a campaign and since I was supporting and working for a candidate in the primary I was worried everything I would write would be considered biased.

That being said there are two things in this race I am going to comment on and if you want to consider me biased please feel free


This whole since Oberweis Capital has an Asia fund he is some sort of profiteer on American job losses... So using that logic I sincerely hope that everyone who calls into Openline or writes a letter to the editor has checked to make sure that nothing in their IRAs, 401Ks, Mutual Funds has any investments in any non-US company because they must also be profiting from US job losses. I am sure Bill Foster has done this otherwise it would be hypocritical for him to bring it up, wouldn't it? That would be a question someone could ask him at a forum (oh wait see my second point).

The whole idea that an Asian company doing business means that US jobs are reduced is wrong at it's face. World employment isn't a zero sum game. Every job created outside the US is not one less US job.

Wait, wait you may say. It's Asian companies that are the problem.... Why is it just Asian companies that are the problem, don't European companies have people working outside the US selling products in the US that could be made in the US. If so then what is the difference? It isn't because they are Asian are they?

So using this logic if I were to invest in my employer who is British company (the majority of their employees are in the US) I would be profiting on US job losses?

Seriously, it strikes me as having the same tone as the criticism of Japan 20 years ago.


We are not going to be having any public forums before the special election. Foster pulled out of the Elgin League of Women Voters forum that was set for this Wed.

He also didn't attend a bunch of forums before the primary (TLN, Aurora African American Chamber of Commerce, etc), heck Stein used to hand out a flyer with a list of all the forums that Foster didn't attend.

You know, if you are not comfortable discussing issues in front of people in a give and take process, perhaps congress isn't the best place for you to be. They expect you to attend committee meetings.

Yes, I understand there is likely a tactical reason for doing this, but still don't you think the voters deserve at least one public forum. Last time I checked the Elgin League of Women Voters isn't a Republican front group.

If you feel your views are correct you should feel comfortable defending and explaining them in public and be asked questions about them.

If Jim was the one backing out of forums I know Archpundit and Hiram wouldn't let it go without a comment (and rightfully so).


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