Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rich is pointing out that there was not an off the record budget briefing from the governors office this year.

However here at OneMan central we have gotten a preview copy...

Dear Citizens of Illinois, in the past I have tried to do big things for you, health care, better school funding all without raising income taxes. I have failed you, due to the lack of vision of the people in front of me, they have didn't have the vision to approve the GRT, they didn't have the vision to lease the lottery or toll road. They didn't embrace Kino, they have asked questions about what I have wanted to do for you and all around meddled in my plans.

No more....

we are going to buy the Chicago Cubs and I will serve as GM along with being the coolest governor.

How we are going to pay for this.

Simple, A Fund Sweep of The endowment of U of I.

That's it, if you don't approve it I will have more special sessions than you can shake a bat at. I will end up seeing you in court anyway.

Go Cubs, I have to catch a Hannah Montana episode,.

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