Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eric Zorn has a conversation in his blog with Jenny O. Roberts (Jim Oberweis' oldest daughter). It is well worth a read and she brings up a point I want to offer my own opinion on. I have heard from more than one person, folks that I trust and like, who have opinions that I value tell me that Jim is 'unlikable' .

The thing is that the Jim I got to know during this campaign is not the Jim Oberweis that is reflected in TV commercials and mailers. He really is a nice guy who cares, yes I can hear some of you laughing, but seriously, if you have a 20 minute conversation with him you will end up with a very different impression than you get from 60 seconds of him in a TV ad. You may disagree with him on the issues and that is understandable depending on where you are coming from. But after sitting and talking with him, I know you would have a different and a better impression of him.

Yes I worked on the campaign and no I didn't 'drink the cool-aide'. From the first conversation we have about him running for congress I thought 'You know if people see this Jim, they are going to like him' .

You may think I am nuts, but if the folks in the 14th see the Jim Oberweis I got to see he will be our next congressman.


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