Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I think I have tried my best to be fair with Sen. Obama in this blog.  But I have to say I am really disappointed in what I saw when looking at his tax returns.   It appears in terms of cash donations in years that they made over 100K a year the Obama family gave between 1% and 2% of their income to charity. Until he started making serious money thanks to the books.

Yes, I know he did pro-bono legal work, but still that is just sad when it comes to cash donations. But still it is disappointing, it is interesting that he talked about how important his church is to him but didn't seem it necessary (or at least he didn't have documentation) to give it very much money. 

For someone who tries to come across a caring it now seems a bit hypocritical.

In reply to SCAM, he did take the child care allowance. My church gives me a summary of my giving so it makes it easy.  Also I would think for political reasons you would want to keep track of that if nothing else.


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So-Called Austin Mayor said...

I cannot speak for Sen. Obama, but I have never, ever claimed even one dollar as a charitable deduction on my income tax returns. I have never found it worthwhile to keep track of the amounts given, the items donated or the pro-bono work done.

As I said, I can't talk for the Obamas, but I can assure you that a tax returns do not necessarily reflect charitable contributions.

so-called "Austin Mayor"