Friday, March 07, 2008

Ok where do I start.

Well the out of state mailer. I have seen it and it is really ugly and to be blunt a host of BS.

"Interestingly, this mail piece was mailed from Santa Clara, California, with a live stamp attached to it, so we can't trace back the USPS postal permit to see who's behind this anonymous, out-of-state attack. It purports to come from some outfit calling itself 'Latino Neighbors Against Hate Crimes,' which could just as easily by one person, or just a few -- a Google search reveals no references anywhere on the world wide web, and a check of the Nexis database, the Federal Election Commission,, and even the National Council of La Raza turns up nothing on this so-called 'group.'

So as much as I enjoy reading all the blog posts portraying the Foster folks as a bunch of happy grass roots people who just really care (really I am starting to enjoy that narrative any time someone blogs about their Democratic candidates, look forward to you guys writing that about Rod in a few years).

Secondly, it looks like the Illegal imigrants ad is getting pulled because it is BS (funny you don't see it on some of the channels anymore, but oh yeah that right only big bad Republicans ever have that happen, I forgot.)

It is also going to be nice to see the Oberweis Dariy may be able to get some DNCC cash.


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