Monday, March 31, 2008

OneMan reading Open Line in the Beacon News so you don't have to...

Quick Summary of some of the stuff that has been showing up lately.

East Aurora School Referendum
  • Hey those houses have lots of people and they don't pay taxes
  • What is in it for me?
  • Oh man my taxes are too high....
  • The timing is bad (like it is ever good)

The Special Election

It's Hasterts Fault that..

  • We had to have it in the first place
  • Jim lost
  • I haven't gotten paid yet for the primary or the special election


  • You don't cover the IRL enough
  • You don't cover NASCAR enough
  • I don't miss the salsa music during the winter

My personal favorite is the guy who called in about the election and because Jim campaigned against Chris the caller wanted to remind Jim of the saying "The postman always rings twice" which best I can tell is nothing more that the title of a novel that was made into several movies and the title came from the fact the novel got rejected so many times, there are at least 4 explanations of where the title came from here.

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