Monday, March 03, 2008

Well the endorsements are out today...

The Daily Herald Endorsed Jim...

The Beacon didn't, can't say I am surprised.

Their attempt to act like that because they endorsed Hastert in the past that the fact that they endorsed a Democrat is a big deal. In virtually every contested local race (where there is a 'real' democrat running) they endorse the democrat. The first Holmes vs Wintermute race, they endorsed Linda Holmes with out even mentioning that she wrote for them. They endorsed Weisner over Irvin, Chapa LaVia over everyone, I don't think anyone would consider the Beacon a 'Republican' paper. Nice try framing it that way Beacon.

If you are going to say.
"It's quite possible this newspaper has never before backed a Democrat in a 14th Congressional District general election" Why not spend a few minutes searching your archives to find out. Isn't that what interns are for?



Openline said...

We weren't surprised by the fishwrap's endorsement of Oberweis, but would point out that their lame excuse for endorsing Holmes over Wintermute was that Holmes was an Aurora person. Oberweis is an Aurora person more than Foster.

One of the many problems with Mike Cetera at the fishwrap is his inability to see his own bias, inconsistent standards and backward priorities.

Frankly, it shouldn't matter who is from where, how much time someone like Tom Weisner has spent working for the city (part of their poor logic before).

What does matter is their conflicts-of-interests involving someone like Holmes. If Ms. Wintermute wrote a regular column for our blog and we endorsed her without making that clear, the same kids at the Beecon would be screaming and whining.

Bill Foster has the support of Planned Parenthood and the fishwrap has made it clear they are pro-abortion (we didn't say pro-choice).

Having said all that, not many people read the local fishwrap anymore :)

Openline said...

We should also point out the Sun-Times Media Grop's flagship paper has made things clear they are going to take a liberal view on most issues, so the local fishwrap (aka Beconfused) wants to follow along.