Monday, March 10, 2008

Well Johnny dropped his re-count request

“We thank the election authorities in the 14th Congressional District for your kindnesses to our campaign and for your extraordinary service to the citizens of the 14th District,” Laesch’s attorney, Richard K. Means, said in a statement today announcing the petition’s withdrawl.

You owe those election authorities an apology. During the final days of a unique special election they had to put resources into getting stuff organized for your recount. A recount request that last less than 96 hours. You wasted their time and my money as part of it. You didn't have to file the request on Friday, you could have waited until Monday to see how the special election turned out. You chose not to, perhaps to send a message to your supporters about Foster, who know why. But you managed to add to the stress of local election officials who were trying to pull off two elections within 6 weeks and the thing is you didn't have to.

So thanking them is one thing, but saying sorry for putting them through this is what you should be doing.


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Richard K. Means said...

As the election officials well know, but you apparently do not, the only competent way to ask for a discovery recount for a primary election is to do it on the day of the proclamation in order to get the process moving. The election officials can't begin the discovery recount until 3 days after the request and the election contest must be filed in court within 10 days after the proclamation.