Saturday, March 08, 2008

Well that sucked....

Congratulations to the Foster folks, you won. Can't lie kind of hope Johnny's re-count works out :-)

Don't know what's next, don't really care right now, sure that will change in a couple of days. Right now just going to enjoy a beverage and planning to just do next to nothing tomorrow.

If you want to neener-neener to me or whatever please feel free, I know this entry would have been a gloat fest if we had won.

Thanks Arch for the nice thought.

Thanks to Rich for making me laugh via an e-mail.

And yes that was my picture on CapFax at that point it was still some tired and some oh-man....

Going to enjoy the rest of my beverage now.



Rich Miller said...

Hold your head high. You ain't your candidate.

So-Called Austin Mayor said...

One Man,

It takes a big man to not kick a fella when he's down.

Unfortunately, I'm not a big man.

-- SCAM said...

Not saying Mr. Oberweis should or shouldn't run in November, but IF there's an opportunity, we will request CapitolFax, Eric Zorn and the rest of the blogosphere to jointly push for the following:


...let the rumors begin :)