Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In my previous post I couldn't seem to find how Sen. Holmes may have been connected to the the school property thing. I think I may have it now, according to the Daily Herald it turns out someone hired a lobbyist on the issue.

Being potentially locked into a price is what spurred Spangler to hire lobbyist Jay Keller of Capitol Consulting Group Illinois to fight against quick-take.

"I did not feel that the … additional 55 acres could be purchased for $14 million. I felt additional land was going to cost somewhere around $30 million that was going to leave a deficit to the district of ($16) million," Spangler said.

State Sen. Linda Holmes, an Aurora Democrat, was sponsoring the quick-take proposal in the legislature and said she made the decision not to call it for a vote out of the same concern, though no one lobbyist swayed her decision.

She also was concerned about the way some of the district's boundaries were drawn

I would be interesting if someone in the MSM asked her what her concerns were about the bounderies. Was it because some kids who had gone to NV would have had to to go WV? They may also want to look at some D-2 and lobbyist regisration information as well.


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