Friday, April 25, 2008

Peggy Noonan's latest on the WSJ is worth a read. Go read the whole thing, here is a bit of it.

Hillary Clinton is not Barack Obama's problem. America is Mr. Obama's problem. He has been tagged as a snooty lefty, as the glamorous, ambivalent candidate from Men's Vogue, the candidate who loves America because of the great progress it has made in terms of racial fairness. Fine, good. But has he ever gotten misty-eyed over . . . the Wright Brothers and what kind of country allowed them to go off on their own and change everything? How about D-Day, or George Washington, or Henry Ford, or the losers and brigands who flocked to Sutter's Mill, who pushed their way west because there was gold in them thar hills? There's gold in that history.

Go read the whole thing, I think she offers him some good campaign advice. Also keep in mind she is asking a question not making a statement about has he gotten misty-eyed over.

The Ayers stuff plays into the snooty left stuff and I think he needs to figure out how to get around that perception (again perception, you may not think it fair but it is out there)


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