Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some impeachment questions, please feel free to answer in comments. I will offer my thoughts..

If you are Mike Madigan to you cut a budget deal with the governor that is in part based off of keeping impeachment off of the floor?

-- No, it could hurt Lisa down the road

If you are the Governor and the hits keep coming do you go to total war over the budget to try to get people back into your court?

-- At this point what do you have to lose, why not?

If you are legislature do you just go there are only 2 years left of his term let the feds to what they are going to do and leave it at that.

-- Nope, if he gets charged and/or things start looking really bad for him he is going to do even more damage to the party and the only solution is to look like you did something.

If you are one of the other statewide elected officials do you start calling publicly for him to step down.

-- Yes, the further you get away from him the better it is for you.


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