Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Daughter Gets Us In to See The Governor and Helps Him Evade the Press

We are walking down to the second floor when I see Speaker Hastert, the Governor and Glenn Poshard walking out of the Governor's office for a media scrum thingy...

So I said lets go see the Governor and the kids walked up to where the media is and then...

So we are listening to speaker Hastert a bit and I am thinking perhaps I can go say hi to Denny when he is done and perhaps introduce him to the group but then my daughter asks the Governor if she can see his office and he says sure. She then reminds him again in a minute so he lifts up the red barrier thing and says come on in...

So at this point I am in the outer office with my daughter and the folks from our group and some middle school kids and I thinking, "This is too funny, I am about to go into the Governor's office"

So we go back into his office and the middle school kids are acting as if he is in fact Elvis. I know he may be having some general popularity problems in Illinois but for at least the middle school kids that came in with us he was in fact Elvis. One described his as the most famous person in Illinois.

At this point since odds are someone from the Governors office may end up reading this, I want to point out I was not the one who asked this question.
One of the leaders from the middle school group asked her students something to the effect of.

If the Governor can not fulfill his duties who takes over...
I have to admit I had to stifle a bit of a laugh.

So the kids answer "the Lt. Governor" and the Governor says some like that's right Pat Quinn who is a nice guy but lets hope he doesn't have to do that (or something like that).

He then took pictures with a bunch of the kids including my daughter

So yes, I know what some of you are thinking. You had the Governor right next to you, in Springfield why didn't you ask him some questions?
Well to be frank at this point I was in dad mode, trying to take pictures with my cell phone and just being proud of my daughter because I was in the Governor's office basically in large part because of my daughter having the moxie to ask the Governor of Illinois if she could see his office ( I always try and tell her it never hurts to ask). I was also enjoying the irony considering the blog and everything.
So to the Governor and his staff thanks for making the day of some kids.


So-Called Austin Mayor said...

Q: "You had the Governor right next to you, in Springfield why didn't you ask him some questions?"

A: Well, he's unbound by any respect for the truth, so I really didn't see any point...

so-called "Austin Mayor"

So-Called Austin Mayor said...


Your appreciation of moxie is refreshing. I think that moxie is one of the most important attributes that parents can instill in their daughters.

There just ain't no stoppin' a gal who's got moxie!

so-called "Austin Mayor"

Jess said...

Ha! This is fantastic. Made my Friday.
- Jess