Thursday, April 17, 2008

Well the blog posts this year on IGEA's Springfield day are going to be broken up into two posts, because to be honest one of them will not do it justice.

First, I just want to say in all honesty thanks to the folks who work in the capitol building reguardless of whom they work for. Be it the Lt. Governors office, Sec of State, etc. Everyone was really helpful and more than happy to talk with my daughter. If it was showing her the state seal and Jessie White's office or visting the Lt. Governors office (not much larger than my own office at work ironically). They were all very cool, thanks.

My daugther at Pat Quinn's Desk

So then we had the group meeting with the entire group and Tom Cross came and spoke (and using an example of a car trip and kids in the back seat gave a really good and funny explanation of the budget situation) he then spent a few minutes with the groups from his area.

So then I got to take a group over to the Capitol and we got a couple of legislators off of the floor. First Linda Chapa-LaVia talked to the kids and parents for a few minutes and was a big hit. I think it is safe to say that if 4th graders could vote my daughter would campaign for her. She did a really good job talking to the kids (and parents) and had a real understanding of our issues.

So after talking with Pat Linder, I led our little group (of our bigger group) around a little bit and we were headed down to the second floor when.....

(See Next Post)

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