Sunday, April 27, 2008

Well Rich has some more on the calls for Jim to step down in the 14th.  FYI, I no longer have a role in any campaign in the 14th so I kind of feel free to speak my mind now,

I guess the question I have with all of this is then who?

Well you can't really let the folks who didn't win in the primary run.  First we didn't do that when we replaced Jack Ryan secondly, since the folks who lost in the primary didn't come out and support Jim I think you send the wrong message.  Also the replacement candidate isn't going to get a ton of support from Republican leaders who feel he is in part responsible for the special election loss.

The same folks who took a pass at primary time are going to take a pass this time.  Run against a self funder who will have some incumbency behind him in an environment where Obama is the likely Democratic presidential nominee with limited time?  Good luck finding someone who is willing to do that.  As we have seen in general most elected Republican officials are not real eager to run in 'fools missions' races. 

Considering the experience in the 11th do we really want to candidates who did not win primaries running in this state for congress. I know the party is having some tough times but do we have to go out of our way to in fact prove it?

A Saturday special election is a different beast than a general election in the fall.  Who knows how things might turn out, swapping candidates at this point doesn't scream desperation it screams surrender.


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