Sunday, April 06, 2008

Yet again reading OpenLine in the Beacon so you don't have to..

A recent program on the History Channel had a segment on making fertilizer, and one way was using ordinary garbage. After a few heat treatings and chemicals, it was bagged and sold to homeowners, golf courses and other users. Instead of a huge landfill nobody wants in their back yard, why can't someone take the initiative and operate one and gain from the profits? Our Kane County Board of Directors could do this or supplement someone who will, and put that money to good use for the benefit of all of us taxpayers in the Kane County.

I also saw something once on the History channel about alchemy but I am not recommending the county board start buying lead.

As for in general we have the following themes lately.

-- Kids today, so disrespectful why should we increase school funding.
-- Man do we have high taxes why can't they reduce them
-- Lots of 'I have heard from people'...


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