Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You know sometimes I have to admit I feel a bit left out of the fact that I am not part of the 'conservative blogroll' here in Illinois (and yes Illinois Review has linked to me a couple of times)

But if to be part of the club you have to come up with stuff like Comparing Rich Miller to the Unabomber.

Yes I realize I am the last person Rich needs defending him but again it brings up a bigger point.

If we spent a lot less time on this sort of stuff and more time on facts and logical arguments I think we would be in better shape. You don't save too many people preaching the same message to choir.

If you think his facts or analysis is wrong provide reasons not cute little things about 'secret locations'.


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Rob_N said...

Good points (here and in the comment you left at the Ill Review).

And it's now "Uni-Bomber," or didn't you get that memo?

I raise my beer to you and say "woof-woof". ;)

(And, as I noted back at Illinois Reason, you'd think "Ruskin" could've at least bothered to get his facts straight. I pointed out Rauschy's hollow fibs before that Miller guy did.)