Tuesday, May 13, 2008

As the Beacon Reported 

AURORA -- Call it Mayoral Showdown 2009. Maybe.

A new law buried in a lengthy state Senate bill approved last year eliminates the need for election authorities, such as the Aurora Election Commission, to hold primaries in nonpartisan elections where four or fewer candidates are involved. Previously, that number was two.

They also reported today that it Tom Weisner is going to run for re-election.  Assuming the Election Commission is going to follow the law, this makes the race for mayor a lot different.

Why, well under the 'old' system you just had to make it to the second round, so the key in this race in some ways was to be the not-tom candidate.  If Tom failed to get 50% of the vote the first time around, you would have had a decent shot of winning in the second round.

So does this mean Rick and Stephanie are toast, no it doesn't it just means they are running a bit of a different race.  Another option would be to get two more candidates in the race and that could happen. We have had 'other' candidates run before we had 5 last time. All someone would need to get a couple more folks in the race (not all that hard) and still force a second round.

Moment of disclosure here, I did spend an hour once about 3 months ago considering running for mayor myself. Decided not to do it for a whole host of reasons.

The Beacon Blog sort of makes the point about the cost savings but I don't think you really see a big cost savings unless every race in town avoids the first round. 

Another question, do we want a mayor who got 35% of the vote.

Finally I think it is interesting that...

Those wishing to attend Weisner's campaign announcement must register first,

Funny Rick and Stephanie didn't have that requirement.   Regardless OneMan may still go.

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