Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Rich had a link to a PJ Star story about bloggers and the intertubes and politics...

I think the last 2 presidential cycles have shown the value of the net as a political tool for communications and fund raising. 

As for Steve Brown's comments 
“Democrats do more face to face interaction and real people meeting with real people. That’s what provides energy to efforts like campaigns,” Brown said.

That may be the case, but I suspect the real issue is the risk that you can lose control of the message and even the party.  

Because in Illinois I would argue the most effective users of the net are generally the folks on the edges of the political parties, the folks who complain about the Republicans being to liberal and the Democrats being too conservative. 

The very definition of the net is the distribution of information and computing power.  The tradition of both parties in Illinois has been keeping power in the hands of the relative few. That every party activist with a bee in their bonnet  about an issue (be in gun control or who their national committeeman is) had a hard time communicating with other folks who may have had the same feelings, letters and phone calls cost money. Blogs and e-mail really don't. Look at the folks over at Illinois Reason and Illinois Review. They are both able to communicate with their readers with a freedom and speed unimaginable just a few years ago.  

That's a game changer for the established party structures in this state.  Look at what the Ron Paul folks have been able to do at some of the state conventions, imagine that kind of thing starting to happen here.  

Imagine a groundswell of  anti-Blago opinion within the activist groups of the Democratic party, they get organized and start pushing for impeachment.  Using the web to organize groups to pressure various state reps and senators.  

The first step is the tools that are now in the hands of every committeeman and party activist, once folks figure out how to really use them. Then the quiet voices in the wilderness have a much easier time finding those other voices to make up the choir.

More on this to come.


Rob_N said...

Just to clarify, are you claiming Illinois Reason is at the "fringes" of the Dem party and that the general commentary there comes off as implying the Dems are too conservative?

Interesting to read your take.

OneMan said...

Ok, fringe is a bit much but I would argue to some extent it is left of what state party is about.

Anonymous said...

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