Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Well some more thoughts about tech and Illinois politics.

One things that is really different between federal and state is fundraising. 

Since we don't have the limits that the feds do, I think a large number of the advantages that on-line fundraising provides federal candidates (like Obama) go out the window because just a few large donors can match a host of small donors.  When all of your donors are limited  you need a larger donor base than when you can have folks give you 25K.  

There are some list building and momentum advantages that come along with small donor fundraising but again that isn't going to be the key here for state races.

The other challenge for the state parties when it comes to the intertubes is that some of the really good lists (for example motivated folks on gun control because of a specific bill) are going to be in the hands of folks who manage blogs and e-mail lists. Not just the traditional organizations that have had that data (via membership and the rest) will have access to this data and will be the ones who decided to share (or not) with candidates and parties.

Still more to come


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