Monday, June 16, 2008

A Few Random Non-Political Things

When you are at the driving range and the grass tees are in use, do not tee it up 12 yards behind everyone else because you want better grass to hit off of. You just make the rest of us nervous, regardless of the fact you have an Illinois Wesleyan golf bag.

If you are driving on a busy road (like Butterfield in Downers Grove) and are slow and nervous, you should still try to keep the hands at 10 and 2, not 11:59 and 12:01.  You are just a risk to yourself and others that way.

Just picked up some additional external drives (one for our Mac for Time Machine and one so I can backup my iTunes stuff I have at work).  The fact I purchased over a 1TB of storage for less than $250 blows me away.  Cheep storage changes everything.

It looks like I will be on the IlGop Network's blog talk radio on Thursday night at 8:25 PM central.  Here is the link and I will likely have more on this later

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