Monday, June 16, 2008

The FTC Offers It's Thoughts On Illinois' Proposed Retail Clinic Rules

I got this via a medical newsletter but the Trib had a story on the 14th about the FTC response to a question from someone in the state house about the states proposed regulations on Retail Clinics.

"Certain interpretations [of the bill] could excessively restrict retail clinics to the detriment of Illinois consumers," the FTC wrote in a letter to a legislator that requested the agency's input. "Because several of the bill's requirements would pertain only to retail clinics—and not other health-care facilities offering the same services or staffing—those requirements could put retail clinics at a competitive disadvantage without offering countervailing consumer benefits."

The effort, pushed by the politically powerful Illinois State Medical Society, comes in the wake of hundreds of retail clinics opening across the country, clinics typically staffed by advanced-degree nurses known as practitioners. Most clinics are open seven days a week, with no appointment needed.

Seems to me if the state passed it, the law would run afoul of the feds. It will be interesting if the bill comes back to life during the veto session and if so what it will look like.  The Trib states the regulation effort is being pushed by the Illinois Medical Society. I am sure their concern is all altruistic and none of it is based off of the risk of losing revenue.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the bill in the Fall.

Full Disclosure: Mrs. OneMan is a Nurse with an advanced-degree, she however does not work for a clinic like this.


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