Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This Is How Tough Aurora Is

From The Beacon News

Police say Joel Barrios of the 300 block of Oakwood Avenue stabbed a 35-year-old Aurora man after they argued while leaving a tavern in the 200 block of Hill Avenue around 2 a.m. Barrios fled after the stabbing, while the victim -- who police did not identify -- drove home and fell asleep, police said.

In Aurora when we get stabbed in the chest, we go home and try to sleep it off.



Anonymous said...

I teach for district 131...I totally agree with you. For a suburb, Aurora is a very rough place and it doesn't seem to be getting any better.

Anonymous said...

And that is something that we should be proud of???...joke or no joke... it was a dumb remark.

Anonymous said...

What is "tough" about being foolish and not seeking medical attention after being stabbed? Considering the neighborhood this incident occurred, not only does it show lack of judgment not seeking medical attention but also just being in that neighborhood at that time is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Aurora is so tough. You idiots just get druck enough to stab each other. It a bunch of wild animals.

Anonymous said...

one man, i hear you , totally . A-town is becoming a town or is atown where people are de-sensitized as to what's going on. nobody cares anymore.