Monday, June 16, 2008

Well it Looks Like Mayor Weisner Will Have His Own Campaign Finance Proposal.

Looking forward to seeing it. 

From the Beacon News

"By the next Government Operations Committee, I will put forward a proposal that makes certain not just the wealthy business owners, but also factory workers, school teachers and public servants have equal opportunity to run for public office, regardless of how much money they make," Weisner stated.

'Wealthy Business Owners'? I never knew that Rick was wealthy, I am guessing that is a swipe at Rick.  The only person who has run for mayor in the last few years who would have been a wealthy business owner would have been Jack Cunningham (that would depend on your definition of wealthy), at least that I can think of?

Will the mayor's plan have any restrictions on loans? How about donations from those folks who do business with the city?  Looking forward to seeing what the mayor comes up with. 

Anyone want guess how much impact it will have on his current fundraising?



Maggie Q said...

Can't anyone get on the ballot? All you have to do is collect signatures. This quote by the Mayor makes no sense really.

Anonymous said...

Oneman; glad to see you write about this. the Beacon Blog appearently has no desire to post about important stuff.